He is possibly the most well-known producer in the Jura region, thanks to Jean François Bourdy, who has been traveling the world early on, talking about the old wines of the family's Domaine, following in the footsteps of his ancestors who began exporting wine around 1930.

  • The Bourdy Domaine was established in the mid-1500s, but it was only in the early 19th century that they began bottling their wines.

  • Currently, the Domaine has 10 hectares of vineyards, consisting of two-thirds white varieties and one-third red varieties, and all the vineyards are located near the winery in Arlay.


Thanks to their ancestors, they now have a unique cellar in the world, filled with old vintages that François Bourdy began storing since 1896. Today, they are composed of a team of five passionate individuals who are always striving to "do better."

  • Winemaking

    Since 2006, the agriculture has been organic and biodynamic, and in 2010, they obtained the Demeter certification. Like in all previous generations, Laura, daughter of Jean François Bourdy, brings her own "signature," and thus, starting from the 2018 harvest, she has created a range of natural wines.



    Since 1579, the family has been cultivating the lands of the Jura region to produce traditional wines.
    This passion has been passed down from generation to generation and still drives them.

    After grandfather Jean and father Christian, it was Jean-François and Jean-Philippe who took the reins of the Domaine in 1990. First, they expanded the vineyard area from 4 hectares to 10 hectares. Then, they decided to convert the entire property to biodynamic viticulture and developed the export of wines worldwide. In 2018, Laura returned to the Domaine after gaining various experiences in France and abroad. She studied oenology at the Institut de la Vigne et du Vin Jules Guyot in Dijon, while simultaneously learning alongside her uncle and father—observing and practicing until getting it right—in the vineyard and the cellar.

    Laura took over the Domaine in 2022 when she acquired it from her father and uncle, becoming the 16th generation of the family to produce wines.