• We are four friends from different professional backgrounds who share a common interest: wine.

    One of us introduced different wines than those we were familiar with. Wines with other realities, another worldview, which surprised us and, over time, fascinated us, generating new sensations and debates. This project arose from comments, fantasies, ideas, and "what ifs" thrown onto dining tables, always accompanied by new wines and new discoveries that gradually gave more substance and energy to the subject.

    During this process, as we learned more stories about origins, people, wines, regions, and methods, excitement and inspiration were born, leading us to create Wine Bohemians. It is an extension of our collective experience, presented as uncomplicated, adventurous, unconventional, free, without rules, but with its own style.


We want to bring this world that we are discovering to unknown realms: our experience, our discoveries, and our transformation are now available to anyone who wants to explore the exclusivity of our suggestions.

  • We have found a way to recognize the talent, care, and enthusiasm of the producers we represent, offering our customers a way to experience moments of pleasure and discovery while promoting respect for nature and environmental sustainability.