"César Fernández Diaz is a breath of fresh air from Ribera del Duero. It is a project that is just beginning but has all the ingredients to become a new name at the forefront of the Spanish terroir.

César's relationship with wine was inherited from his mother, who has always owned vineyards. After studying and working in various wineries in Gredos and Ribeira Sacra, César started his project in 2018. It focused on the restoration of 1.5 hectares of family vineyards, some of which are pre-phylloxera, in the town of Fuentedelcesped. In addition to working with trusted winemakers, Cesar is always searching for new vineyards to bring into the project.

Currently, the production does not exceed 4,000 bottles."

  • "I make wines that I enjoy drinking. I seek a wine that is like a table with four legs: minerality, elegance, acidity, and austerity in a refined, narrow, and raw manner.
    I'm not looking for wines with excessive explosive and opulent fruit, but rather wines that are more mineral-driven, with tension and electricity on the palate, wines with a definitive character.

  • Continuing with the concept of the "four legs of the table" (minerality, elegance, acidity, and austerity), the work in the vineyard is carried out with great care and attention to detail.


"When it comes to natural wines, I know that there are winemakers who create incredible and long-lived wines without the addition of sulfur, while others make wine without sulfites, but the wines spoil quickly. I enjoy natural wines as long as they remain wines."

  • Winemaking

    "I always work organically, and this limits yields and influences the style of wine I want to make. I cultivate the vine from the roots to the leaves, seeking maximum biological activity in the soil and the deepest possible root penetration to give the wine more character and minerality.

    The use of synthetic chemicals alters the nature and health of the plant, which ultimately affects the quality and taste of the grape. With biodynamics, I think it's partly faith and partly real. I use plant extracts and the lunar calendar because I see that they work, but in other aspects, I remain more skeptical. I don't use any non-natural vine treatments apart from sulfur and copper.

    I work ecologically [organically], mainly because of my ethical principles. I believe that if vineyards existed in the 15th century without the use of chemical products, it can be done today, but we must find and understand the natural resistance of the plant."



    "My mother's family has always had vineyards and produced and sold their wines.

    They made the wines in underground cellars and sold them in Aranda de Duero and directly to the local residents.

    Since I was a child, I helped in the vineyards and observed how my family dealt with the life cycle of the vines. From a very young age, I had contact with the world of wine, not only through my family but also through other producers. When I was in university, I realized that what I liked the most was viticulture, but before that, I didn't have much interest."