Tantaka Wines is a family-run wine production business located in the Valle de Arrastaria in the Basque Country.
The winery was founded in 2017 by Juanjo Tellaetxe, who is committed to producing authentic wines with local character.

Tantaka Wine's vineyards are located on alluvial and clay-limestone soils at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level.
The grapes are grown sustainably and winemaking techniques are used to preserve the expression of the terroir.

  • In 1860, 60% of the region's land was dedicated to growing grapes. However, a strong attack of powdery mildew, the arrival of phylloxera and the beginning of the Basque Country's incipient industrialization led to the abandonment of the vineyards, leaving only a few for own consumption.

  • The Tantaka winery in the Spanish Basque Country is very young, but by no means inexperienced, since founder Juanjo Tellaetxe's family has also been producing wine for 80 years, using only indigenous grape varieties.
    In fact, that is Juanjo's ambition: to make the best wine from Ondarrabi varieties.


Tantaka Wines was founded in 2017 by Juanjo Tellaetxe, a winemaker who dedicated 10 years to a project aimed at reviving the Arrastaria Valley, a border region between Vizcaya and the northwest of Álava, in the Basque Country.

  • Winemaking

    Tantaka comes from vineyards in a fantastic location.
    Organic farming is practiced and techniques recovered from the last century that do not harm the environment are applied. The entire harvest is done by hand.
    Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts and the temperature is controlled. The wine is then left in lees for 7 months.



    In 2008, Juanjo Tellaetxe planted a vineyard in Hondarribi Zuri to revive viticulture that had been forgotten over time and produce Txakolis with personality, as opposed to the typical wines in which acidity is almost the only protagonist.

    In 2017, Tantaka Wines was born with the idea of once again producing wines with the varieties that have been indigenous to the family for over 80 years in their hometown of Artomaña.