Jose Antonio García and his wife Julia Peña García (JAG) are at the forefront of the next generation of vignerons in Bierzo, leading the quest for authentic and terroir-driven wines. Their familial roots in Bierzo are crucial, as they handle all the work in the vineyards, as indicated by the term "viticultor" on their labels. Jose's mother is a native of Valtuille de Abajo, and his father is a native of Corullón. Together, Jose and Julia's families have owned vineyards in Bierzo for generations.

In the spirit of cherishing their family holdings and with an unwavering work ethic, Jose and Julia set out to manually recover historic vineyards, reclaiming them one by one from the grasp of wild ivy. It's a monumental task considering the 25 hectares of indigenous, old vines they own in Valtuille de Abajo and Corullón, and the fact that they are doing all the work themselves.

  • Since 12 years, they have always made honest wines, without artifice, a reflection of who they are, their emotions, and their way of interpreting their environment.

  • In his "micro-winery," he brings forth the essence of tradition, small estates, small-scale viticulturists, and limited productions—what characterizes and makes Bierzo unique.


He was born and lived in Barcelona until he felt the need to reinterpret his personal script, and in 2010, he took over the management of more than 120 vineyards. In 2010, he took charge of over 120 plots of land that his grandfather had cared for with such affection.

  • Winemaking

    They make wine as they have seen it done, with hands and feet. Without temperature control. Indigenous yeasts. They work with gravity. High-quality organic viticulture. Strictly manual winter pruning. Low yields per vine. Soils plowed, aerated, and cleaned.



    Historically, Santos García was one of the viticulturists in Valtuille de Abajo. Until recently, he cultivated vineyards that are currently between 75 and 110 years old, selling these good grapes or making bulk wines. His wines were always highly appreciated. José Antonio García is the grandson of Santos; his father is a native of Corullón, and his mother is from Valtuille de Abajo.