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Petit Courbu Blanco 2021

Petit Courbu Blanco 2021

White Wine | 2021

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Originating from our own vineyards, cultivated under a minimal intervention viticulture system, situated in a plot located in Artómaña, in the Arrastaria Valley. The soils are characterized by their alluvial and semi-deep nature, with a climate ranging from Atlantic to continental, depending on the harvest.The harvest is 100% manual, using 7 kg boxes. Pressing is done in a low-performance horizontal pneumatic press (58% Max). Fermentation takes place in 2,500L stainless steel tanks, aged on lees.The wine is clear and bright with elegant silver reflections. It highlights the complexity of its aroma, featuring white fruits (pear and apple), tropical freshness (mango), accompanied by honeyed notes with subtle truffle sensations. On the palate, it has a soft and silky entry, with a developed volume due to aging on lees, presenting an explosion of flavor that is expressive and tasty while also offering mineral sensations. There is a balance in the mouth between acidity and the typical bitterness of the variety.This wine pairs ideally with fish, seafood, and white meats.
Grapes: Ondarrabi Zuri Zerratia (Petit Courbu)

📍 Ideal for: Aphrodisiac, White Meat, and Cheese

🌡 To serve: 10 - 12 ºC

🍷 Capacity: 0.75L

❗️ Alcohol: 12.5%

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